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One for the foodies

9th September 2016 One for the foodies


The rise of the avocado, superfood, raw food, burnt food, chai tea – it’s kind of hard to keep up isn’t it? Your customers are becoming ever more demanding for convenience, and that’s really not convenient.

They’re part of life’s beautiful necessities, we know, but we genuinely love food and drink. Whether it be eating it, drinking it, making it, or doing the day job of marketing it, we live and breathe the industry.

That’s how we know the biggest challenges you face are: competition, knowing your market, creating the right brand and maintaining a digital presence. That’s what we’re good at.

But what’s the USP?

Picture going into the Dragons’ Den with the perfect convenience product, be it a healthy drink solution, or a revolutionary new vegetarian superfood micro-meal solution. You’ve got the product, your whole family loves it, even your best mates, work mates, nan loves it.

Deborah Meaden’s doing the fingernail contemplation thing. You know what she’s going to say, “What would make me choose your product over your competitor’s?”

Not because it’s got 2% more fibre and 19 less calories or because you don’t like the other ones. It’s the reputation, the brand, how it compares to the product sitting next to it on a supermarket shelf – people eat with their eyes first.

It’s time consuming to try and create a brand with a personality and a demand for your product that blows the ancient grains off your competitor’s – so let us help.

If you’ve created the perfect product, but you’re too busy to shout about it, give us a bell on 01453 706643 or send us an email hello@kavacommunications.com

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